Meet Rina, a mom, engineer and lover of all things creative. A trained dancer, she has been studying and performing the ancient art of Bharata Natyam, a Classical Indian dance, since the age of 5. This dance has been passed down in her family through multiple generations and inspired her to study other dance styles throughout the world. She believes in following your own bliss and can’t wait for the happy chaos that being a mom of two is going to bring.

indian pregnant belly henna maternity


pregnant mother dancing waterfall outdoor



indian mother pregnant with waterfall indian mother foot pregnancy photoshoot















We had so much fun doing this scenic, secluded waterfall maternity session. One of my favorite aspects about being a Metro Atlanta area is having access to all kinds of “hidden” photoshoot locations that you would never believe are within and around the city! 

indian pregnant woman at waterfall








pregnant mother in indian dress waterfall








Here are some quick tips if you’re thinking about booking a maternity session with Liz by Design:

  1. The best time to shoot is between 30-34 weeks as most women start to get uncomfortable around 36 weeks, so when booking your session in advance, keep in mind how far along you will be.
  2. Because my clients have full access to the Client Closet, you don’t have to worry about buying a dress that you’ll never wear again.
  3. Maternity sessions can be shot three different ways: family style with your significant other and children, boudoir (in studio), or glamour. You can also do a combination of all three!
  4. As a licensed family photographer, I have access to multiple locations that are exclusive to Liz by Design, enabling my clients with a scenic backdrop that is unique and different. If you already have a public spot picked out, I’m licensed to shoot in all Cobb County parks as well!
  5. Unsure whether you want to do an outdoor or in studio maternity session? Let’s do both! Or, check out more maternity sessions I’ve done here to see what setting best fits your vibe.