Only an expert, professional photographer can capture a moment in time and tell a story at the same time. These high quality, fine art images, which are created to be shared with generations that haven’t even been born yet, are nothing like the photos of old.

Under an expert photographer’s curated eye, a fine art photograph of heirloom quality extends the image to communicate a personal story visually. Professionally composed, lit and styled, these images mark momentous events, such as the glow of a long-awaited pregnancies and newborns’ almost-a-chuckle expressions. These individual and family milestones deserve the one-of-a-kind visual treatment only a fine art photographer can craft.

In fact, expert photographers spend as much time using their critical eyes to perfect the digital image after it is shot as went into its creation. Photographers of heirloom images combine their years of experience with a world of tools, applications and systems to perfect digital images into fine art photographs. Next, they work with conservation-oriented reproduction houses to ensure that those heirloom photographs stand the test of time. Vivid or muted colors, as imagined and created, remain that way no matter how long ago the image was captured.

The pictures your parents snapped of you learning to ride a bike or playing with your friends – those casual shots are photographs. Many of these special photos pulled at our heartstrings and are now, unfortunately, lost. The few that remain are faded remembrances with bent edges.

Spare your descendants the disappointment of finding their ancestors’ faces in faded, torn photographs. I am confident your family and, ultimately, your descendants will be over the moon when they discover their lineage captured in carefully preserved images of archival quality.

Liz by Design Photography exists to capture and produce fine art photography, high res images that reflect family milestones and communicate the story behind the images and that stand the test of time. Whether you’re interested in Newborn, Growth Packages, Maternity, Family, Senior or Boudoir, Liz by Design Photography will provide you with exemplary service.

Hundreds of individuals and families from metro Atlanta have chosen to us to create and build their library of archival images to enjoy now and generations from now. I invite you to visit our image gallery to see why. If you would like to plan a photography session with Liz by Design Photography, click here to get started!


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