Body Positivity & The Confidence Of A Boudoir Photography Session Atlanta

Have you ever considered a Boudoir Photography Session for yourself? Have you ever wanted to but maybe let a lack of confidence talk yourself out of it, or maybe just thought those types of sessions are only for a very specific body type? If so, no worries, you’re certainly not alone. However, you may not be alone, but the good news is, you’re incorrect. Boudoir is most certainly for any and all women. In fact, with so many of us in this world, of all shapes and sizes, all uniquely ourselves, we shouldn’t limit ourselves to anything, much less something so special, so freeing and so confidence boosting as boudoir.

Boudoir Photography Liz By Design Plus Size Body Positivity Studio 270 Beautiful Stunning Photo Session

Liz by Design Photography is a big proponent of body positivity, especially with Boudoir Photography Session Atlanta. Boudoir sessions are sexy, they’re intimate and sophisticated. Prior to a boudoir session, Liz takes time to speak with each client to discuss privacy, preferences and expectations. She has actual conversations to find out what is most important to them, having herself been shot in a boudoir sessions before, she knows the self doubt that can form.

You know, the ones where you wonder if you’re just not ready, or maybe you don’t think your shape is right for this style, or next year when you plan to lose 20 pounds, or maybe not at all because I’ve had 3 kids and my body isn’t what it used be. The truth is you’ll very likely have some confidence concerns and self doubt to wrestle with prior to your Boudoir Photography Session and that is completely normal.

Body Positivity is what you’ll need to gain back your confidence and win that battle, and I’d like to help. Body Positivity is the acceptance of your body, it is pure confidence, regardless of size, shape, tone of your skin, or your physical abilities, it can be challenging but it can also be one of the most rewarding things you will ever do for yourself. Each first time Boudoir client has admitted that during the process they began to trade vulnerable feelings for empowered ones. You are your biggest critic, but also your biggest advocate and you have to realize that you ARE beautiful. Accept that healthy doesn’t mean skinny, accept that everyone is unique and beauty is your self in whole, inside and out.

During your pre-session meeting with Liz, describe your preference in clothing that make you feel good about your body. Liz has a large selection of lingerie style pieces available for clients to choose from if needed, there are plenty of options and the sizes range from S-XXL. Throughout your session, Liz uses posing and lighting techniques to work with your body, not against it.

You are beautiful. When you’ve accepted this fact your confidence will kick in, keep in mind that this is a visual change. You can literally spot confidence on a person, in person and especially in photographs. If you are interested in planning a Boudoir Photography Session Atlanta, click here to get started!

The Boudoir Photography Session below is from the beautiful, Liz by Design Photography studio on the square in historic downtown Powder Springs.


Best boudoir photography session atlanta Marietta Plus Size Model Photographer Studio Sexy Photo Session

Best Boudoir Photography Atlanta Marietta Plus Size Model Photographer Studio Sexy Photo Session 270 Powder Springs

Best Boudoir Photography Atlanta Marietta Plus Size Model Photographer Studio 270 Lingerie Photo Session Austell Georgia Liz Design Near Me

Best Boudoir Photography Plus Size Model Sexy Photographer Studio 270 Lingerie Photo Session Austell Georgia Liz Design Near Me

This client chose the 12×12 album with genuine leather and acrylic front, they also selected a museum quality image, matted and framed 16×20 wall art. See the photo below of the client with their product and click here to see the actual reveal for yourself!

Client product reveal wall art museum quality image boudoir photography best photographer

Liz by Design Photography offers two, indoor studio locations for Boudoir Photography Sessions, Studio 270 in Austell and Liz By Design Photography in Powder Springs. Both of these places are unique and really special, just like you! Check out the details below to learn all about both of these awesome locations.

Liz by Design Photography offers an unmatched Boudoir Photography Session Atlanta experience, one where client privacy and comfort are first and foremost. The other things that really set Liz apart from the others as an artist is the amount of locations, decor, props and especially a large wardrobe closet. Regarding locations, there’s the historic Liz by Design Studio in Powder Springs. The building is over one hundred years old, has hardwood floors and an interior that is designed specifically for multiple shooting sets.

For example, there is a clawfoot tub with candles and a faux fur rug in one set, another has a bed with a decorated mantle as part of a bedroom display and another has interchangeable backdrops, etc. This studio has a private bathroom for changing and a large variety of dresses, hats and other accessories available as part of a wardrobe closet for clients to use if desired. For an inside look of this studio, check out this video from the City of Powder Springs as part of a 2023 promotional that celebrates 5 years of local businesses.

The other location that Liz uses for Boudoir Photography Sessions is the illustrious Studio 270. This place is simply stunning. It has a 20ft ceiling, a large 16ft window, it’s fully furnished for multiple shooting sets and has an overall vibe that is so special words won’t do justice. Studio 270 is located in the historic, Austell Treadmill Complex, 2nd floor in suite 270. There are 2 large rooms and several smaller rooms (wardrobe closet, props, supplies, kitchen, etc). The main room has the large 16ft window that bathes the entire room in natural light.

There’s multiple shooting sets that Liz carefully designed here as well, just more of them and different scenes. One of the sets includes a black baby grand piano, another has a black clawfoot tub, a bedroom set, walls with hand painted murals, a wooden swing that hangs from the 20ft ceiling, a tall luxury mirror completes another set, the 16ft window has a 4ft tall and 2ft wide ledge that’s perfect for posing, lastly there are multiple sets with interchangeable backdrops. T

he prop room has several custom made pieces and also some that are more traditional. There are rooms available for clients to change in privately here as well and a large assortment of lingerie clothing items (ranging in sizes from S-XXL) as well as a number of fashionable ladies’ hats. Studio 270 was designed specifically for the arts community; photographers, videographers, content creators, artists in general and is available for rent. Please visit the Studio 270 website for more information.

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