Hi! My name is Liz – I am a wife, mom, coffee enthusiast and professional visual artist. Knowing that I needed a career that would feed my passion for creativity and give me the flexibility I craved for my growing family, I opened Liz by Design Photography, LLC in 2013. Through my love for photography, children, and artistic expression, LBDP has had the pleasure to capture life’s sweetest moments for thousands of other growing families all over the state.

The Liz by Design studio is located in the heart of lovely Historic Downtown Powder Springs. The building features original brick walls from the early 1900’s, breathtaking windows and Southern charm that is unmatched. If you’d like visit and be photographed in the midst of beautiful architecture and history, contact me at 678-699-2118 or Liz@LizbyDesignPhoto.com to set up an appointment.

Our website is www.LizbyDesignPhoto.com. We can also be found on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest!

I’d love to be your photographer and work together to create a session to fit your needs. Thank you for visiting my site, your consideration is greatly appreciated.

 – Liz Williams

Liz by Design Photography Awards 2022

BE KIND – A shining light on Diversity

I wanted to share how special diversity really is.  There was so much hatred, fighting and anger in the world during the time this shoot was put together. The eyes of our youth are innocent and to them we are all the same.

Through this shoot I wanted to remind the world the purity of what our hearts should be. The only way I know to do that is through my lens. The session was full of love, innocence, and laughter ALL while being surrounded by people who were different.  Different, but still all the same.


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See a snippet into the life of Liz by Design Photography, LLC and view the inside of the studio!

Liz by Design’s studio sits in the heart of Historic Downtown Powder Springs, right outside Atlanta, Georgia. The building is from the early 1900’s, has vaulted ceilings, original brick walls, and all windows on three sides which create a gorgeous and unique space to give Liz by Design a one-of-a-kind look.

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